ABC tweets lead to staff warning

ABC staff have been reminded of social media guidelines after profile tweets attracted wide commentary.

The Guardian reports managing director David Anderson has warned staff they face disciplinary action, including the sack, if they breach guidelines which were first introduced in 2013 (currently being updated).

On Thursday Four Corners executive producer Sally Neighbour was criticised for her tweets drawing comparisons between ex-Collingwood president Eddie McGuire and billionaire James Packer, amid their fall from grace.

Neighbour said McGuire and Packer had both enjoyed a “a lifetime of wealth and privilege” but many users pointed out Broadmeadows-raised McGuire is a self-made success story.

She later corrected “lifetime” to “life.”

Anderson said journalists on Twitter are required to be “conscious of your responsibility to protect the ABC’s reputation, independence and integrity where your personal use of social media intersects with your professional life”.

“Working at the ABC offers tremendous opportunities,” Anderson said. “It also comes with responsibilities – more than at any other media organisation in Australia.

“For employees, any breach of ABC policies, guidelines and procedures, including the ABC Code of Conduct and the Guidelines for Personal Use of Social Media, will be dealt with in accordance with the relevant ABC employment agreement and may lead to disciplinary action, including possible termination of employment.”

Neighbour has deleted the tweets.

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