Airdate: 15 Days


UK crime mystery 15 Days will screen on BBC First from early March.

This starts with a brutal murder – before rewinding back the 15 Days to find out why, how, and most importantly, who was responsible.

The 4 part series stars Geraint Morgan, Tom Rhys Harries, Sharon Morgan, Freddy Carter, David Caves, Catherine Tydesley & Aneirin Hughes.

Reversing the traditional investigate narrative, 15 Days is an intensely human drama and original crime thriller that’s not so much ‘whodunnit’ but more a ‘who’s going to do it?’. In the opening scenes, a young man is shoot dead. Immediately the story rolls back to two weeks prior, and we meet four siblings and their families, including the soon-to-be murder victim, as they arrive at an isolated farmhouse.

Thursdays at 8.30pm from March 4 on BBC First.


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