Airdate: Cornwall With Simon Reeve

In Cornwall With Simon Reeve this week on SBS, Reeve travels through Cornwall as the county emerges from lockdown and businesses are in a race to survive.

Cornwall is hugely reliant on tourism and the pandemic has highlighted how precarious people’s livelihoods are.

This is a two part series.

Episode One:
Simon journeys through some of the most beautiful coastal locations Britain has to offer and meets the incredible Cornish characters who make the county unique. Simon learns how new industries and even a return to mining could promise a better future.

Thursday, 18 February at 9.30pm on SBS.

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  1. I grew up in Cornwall (moved to Oz in ’95) and haven’t been back since ’04 so will be watching this will fond interest. Am astonished to read mining might make a comeback as the tin industry has been dead for decades.

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