Airdate: Fisk

Kitty Flanagan’s new comedy Fisk is coming to Wednesday nights on ABC.

She players a lawyer working in wills and probate replacing a solicitor played by Julia Zemiro.

The Porchlight Films comedy also features Marty Sheargold and Aaron Chen.

Helen Tudor-Fisk (Kitty Flanagan) is a contracts lawyer who is not good with people. When her personal and professional lives implode spectacularly in Sydney, Helen runs home to Melbourne and takes a job at Gruber & Gruber, a small suburban law firm specialising in wills and probate.

At Gruber & Gruber, Helen is brought in to replace Roz Gruber (Julia Zemiro), a recently suspended solicitor who has temporarily appointed herself the office manager. No longer allowed to sit in with clients, Roz now has nothing else to do but get all up in Helen’s business.

Ray Gruber, Roz’s brother (played by Marty Sheargold) hired Helen in a fit of laziness because he couldn’t ‘be arsed interviewing any more people’ but also because Helen is a ‘mature lady’ which has proven to be the preferred option for clients who are grieving. Unfortunately, Helen is not that kind
of mature lady.

Roz is always lurking, Ray is always skiving off and there’s often a scuffle in reception that Helen is forced to take control of.

With the help of the quirky probate clerk, George (Aaron Chen), Helen attempts to find her feet in the messy world of probate; where the clients are at their most irrational and it’s never as simple as just dividing up the money.

9pm Wednesday March 17 on ABC.


    • I thought so too. I think I had better titles in my mind yesterday, but I’ve come up with a few just now…
      * Dead on Arrival
      * Widow To The Soul
      * Where’s My Money?
      * Court Dead
      * I’m Sorry For Your Loss
      * Life Savings
      * Ker-ching!
      * Making A Killing
      * Dead Broke
      * Life Well Spent
      * Purse Vultures

    • This show looks great, and Kitty’s hilarious. Why would anyone care what it’s called? Having a surname as a title doesn’t seem to have hurt Bridgerton.

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