Airdate: Framing Britney Spears

US documentary revolves around Britney Spears' conservatorship, which has sparked the fan-driven #FreeBritney movement.

US documentary Framing Britney Spears screens on Nine next week.

Directed by Samantha Stark for the New York Times and Hulu, the film revolves around Britney Spears’ conservatorship overseen by her father Jamie Spears since 2008, which has sparked the fan-driven #FreeBritney movement.

It screened in the US earlier this month. Since the US broadcast Justin Timberlake has issued a public apology to his former girlfriend,

Her rise was a global phenomenon. Her downfall was a cruel national sport. People close to Britney Spears and lawyers tied to her conservatorship now reassess her career as she battles her father in court over who should control her life.

9pm Tuesday March 2 on Nine.

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  1. This is the sort of unimportant guff that people are interested in? Rich people’s problems. Also worth remembering that the word ‘fan’ is a contraction of fanatic.

    1. It’s not rich people’s problems if we are all listening to the music Chuck. We should be asking ourselves the cost of the entertainment we are enjoying and media stories sold to us. Potentially meanspirited guff post from you Chuck.

      1. There are far more important causes than a rich, entitled pop star from the 90s/00s and her iffy personal life-there’s sympathy and there’s fawning indulgence folks!

        1. Maybe do some research about her situation. You clearly have no idea. This documentary is only the tip of the iceberg & doesn’t really dive deep into the conservatorship.

  2. It’s a bit late to be honest – most people interested have tracked this down online already.

    But, for those who haven’t, if you know nothing about what has been happening to Britney it’s a good starting point and I’d recommend for that reason. There is however, a lot missing. The documentary doesn’t delve deep enough into the conservatorship and the continued abuse of her basic human rights under the control of her father.

    No mention of the upcoming Netflix Documentary? Would have been a nice tie-in.

  3. I thought this was pretty weak. It felt very amateurish and made no attempt to tell a balanced story. I obviously feel sympathy for Britney but for me it raised more questions about her conservatorship than it answered.

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