Airdate: The Pembrokeshire Murders

UK crime drama The Pembrokeshire Murders, based on a true story, will screen on Seven next week.

This stars Luke Evans as a Welsh detective looking into unsolved murders in the 1980s.

It drew solid ratings in the UK when it screened in January. This is a 3 part series which opens with a double episode.

Newly returned to Pembrokeshire, Detective Superintendent Steve Wilkins looks into a brutal double murder which was never solved. Known locally as the Coastal Path murders, he is shocked to discover links to two other notorious unsolved crimes. The prime suspect, a local man named John William Cooper, was imprisoned for a number of burglaries and robberies in 1998. If Steve is right, and Cooper is not just a murderer but a serial killer, the team must find the crucial evidence they need to charge him before he is granted parole.

8:30pm Wednesday March 3 on Seven.


  1. This was fabulous to watch. Luke Evans was superb as a lead. For those who watch it Bullseye is a TV show from the UK that was screened in the 1980s and 1990s. Keith Allen is spot on as John cooper. As a side note he is Lily Allen’s real father.

  2. This the 13th True Crime mini-series that ITV have done in the last two decades, so we know what to expect. There is no attempt at suspense or whodunnit angle, as they are all high profile crimes in the UK. Instead they solidly and methodically detail how the police investigated and collected enough evidence for a prosecution. Usually told as the heroic tale of how the head of the investigation fought the bureaucracy, budget restictions and a defendants rights to get a conviction. White House Farm (2020 on BBC First) was a bit different as it was how a junior detective managed to salvage a prosecution from the mess his incompetant but well connected boss made of the investigation.

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