Anchor changes for Prime7 News

Elly Wicks will be taking over from Madelaine Collignon, who begins maternity leave.

Prime7 News weather presenter Elly Wicks will be taking over from anchor Madelaine Collignon, who begins maternity leave at the end of this week.

She joins Karl Lijnders, while Kirstie Fitzpatrick will move into the weather presenter role.

Madelaine Collignon will return in 2022.

“At this stage, I’m looking to take 12 months off work so my husband and I can adjust to being a family of five. But I promise that I intend to return,” she said.

“I love the work I do with Prime7, and know how important local news is to all our viewers.”

“It is a privilege to read the number one rating TV news bulletin in Maddie’s absence,” said Wicks.

Prime7 News has served the local community for decades and I am looking forward to continuing the Prime7 tradition of bringing viewers the stories that matter most to them.”

“We will of course miss Maddie madly, but we look forward to becoming aunties and uncles for the third time!” said Lijnders.

Prime7 News airs 6pm on Prime7.

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