Charlie Sheen reflects on “#Winning”

"I was getting loaded and my brain wasn’t working right," Sheen says of his Hollywood meltdown.

Nearly a decade on from being fired from Two and A Half Men , Charlie Sheen has reflected on his fall from grace.

Speaking to Yahoo he said, “People have [said to] me, ‘Hey, man, that was so cool, that was so fun to watch. That was so cool to be a part of and support and all that energy and, you know, we stuck it to the man.

“My thought behind that is, ‘Oh, yeah, great. I’m so glad that I traded early retirement for a f***ing hashtag.'”

Sheen was fired by Warner Bros. Television after ongoing meltdowns and publicly slamming creator, Chuck Lorre. But in interviews he suggested that he was a “warlock” with “tiger blood” and “Adonis DNA”, and that he was “#Winning.”

“There was 55 different ways for me to handle that situation, and I chose number 56. And so, you know, I think the growth for me post-meltdown or melt forward or melt somewhere — however you want to label it — it has to start with absolute ownership of my role in all of it,” Sheen explains. “And it was desperately juvenile.”

He says he had agreed to do things their way, and he wasn’t living up to his end of the bargain.

“I think it was drugs or the residual effects of drugs … and it was also an ocean of stress and a volcano of disdain. It was all self-generated, you know,” Sheen says of what prompted the incident. “All I had to do was take a step back and say, ‘OK, let’s make a list. Let’s list, like, everything that’s cool in my life that’s going on right now. Let’s make a list of what’s not cool.’ You know what I’m saying? And the cool list was really full. The not cool list was, like, two things that could’ve been easily dismissed.”

He sums it up as, “I was getting loaded and my brain wasn’t working right.”

Ashton Kutcher would join Two and a Half Men with Sheen’s character written out via a funeral. it ran for 4 more seasons.

You can read more of the interview here.

Here’s a UK interview he did a year ago.

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  1. Funnily enough, a couple of months later Sheen signed a contract for Anger Management that guaranteed 100 episodes, (as long as the first block of 10 didn’t tank), which paid him more money per episode.


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