Hamish Blake: ‘I think The Cube will be great’

Hamish Blake may currently be tied to Nine for Season 3 of Lego Masters, but he is also looking forward to Andy Lee’s next project on Channel 10.

“He’s doing The Cube. I think that’ll be good, that’ll be great. I know we’re here to talk about Channel Nine, but I reckon it’ll be really good,” he told TV Tonight.

He recalls filming Gap Year Asia in 2013 in China’s Guangzhou region when Andy Lee first spied a version of the show.

“I hope I’m not stealing Andy’s inception story for what made him say yes to The Cube.

“All I remember is we were getting foot massages after shooting all day and eating lots of watermelon and this TV show was on. I think it was the Chinese version of The Cube. We were like, ‘I don’t know what this is, but this looks like a fun show!'”

Nice endorsement if you can get it.


  1. I think this show looks like the biggest pile of rubbish I’ve seen for a while. You just know they will stretch about 2 minutes of actual show into 60 minutes.

    This prediction means it will probably rate really well as many shows that I intensely dislike tend to do.

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