Holey Moley slide continues

News and Sport again led the field last night, with Seven News topping the night at 1.06m / 991,000, defeating Nine News on 899,000 / 862,000.

The Australian Open drew 668,000 / 598,000, up on last Tuesday, albeit with some changes to OzTAM coding.

The Amazing Race Australia drew 554,000 then 7:30 (520,000), Holey Moley (436,000), Foreign Correspondent (398,000) and Great Continental Railway Journeys (205,000).

Later The Good Doctor drew 300,000 then Catalyst (296,000), and NCIS (273,000).

Nine network won Tuesday with 32.6% then Seven 24.6%, 10 18.8%, ABC 15.4% and SBS 8.7%.

The Chase topped entertainment at 584,000 / 369,000 with Home & Away on 526,000 for Seven.

The Project drew 496,000 / 287,000 for 10. 10 News First (363,000 / 249,000) and NCIS: LA 204,000 followed.

ABC News won its slot at 696,000. The Drum (173,000) and Australia Remastered (165,000) also ranked for ABC.

On SBS it was SBS World News (186,000 / 163,000), 24 Hours in Emergency (156,000), Dog Tales (101,000) and Mastermind (77,000).

Bluey led multichannels again at 179,000. New local comedy Why Are You Like This managed just 68,000 / 46,000 (the second episode was highest).

Sunrise: 254,000
Today: 211,000
News Breakfast: 112,000 / 84,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 16 February 2021


  1. Im now recording holey moley and find I’m basically fast forwarding through most of it. I just find the same holes are getting boring.

    Loved The Good Doctor and The Resident last night. 2 very underrated shows.

  2. It’s been an intriguing dynamic having the AO land in ratings, having won every day now and while ratings are down still doing very well, seems to have been a major disruptor to the FTA landscape.

    We have to remember originally, TAR and HM wouldn’t have gone up against the tennis. Almost a win-win for Nine, as I’m sure tennis would’ve done just as better in mid-Jan if not better and MAFS still been as dominant (looking at how ordinary Seven and 10’s offerings are going).

  3. harrypotter1994

    My Mum watches TARA while taping Holey Moley so she can fast forward all the padding. Also says she dislikes the electro shock part she fast forwards that too.

  4. TARA is really testing their audience. The world-wide love for what is probably the best competition show on TV keeps the audience there, but every change made this season has been detrimental to the brand. Even die-hard fans are struggling to cope with the desecration of the game.

  5. I saw this coming. I enjoyed the first episode, then while watching the second episode saw that they just repeated the same holes again (and gags) with maybe 1-2 new holes. Then the third episode I mostly fast forwarded through because again it was all the same holes. Suffice to say every other episode is still sitting on the dvr unwatched.

  6. After a slow start, 10 would be happy with How the Amazing Race has performed over the season so far. Of course, MAFS will shake things up when it lands on Monday.

  7. I hadn’t seen Holey Moley until I watched about 30 minutes of a replay at the weekend. Well, that was 30 minutes too much. Horrible! Worst show ever. Not surprised at the low ratings.

    • This I agree with. It seems there’s only going to be about 12 eps all up, why they had to jam them all into a 3-4 week period amazes me. Once a week over 12 weeks (Sunday night ) would have been much better and people may have actually watched.

      • There’s 3 to go ,one Saturday night then Sunday and Monday Grand Final week ,looks like it’ll be a one season show as the ratings are in the bunker

      • Totally agree, Sunday nights would have been perfect, once a week programming, there’s a reason it worked in the past with shows once a week but now they just saturate the schedule with a show until we tire of it (quickly, in this case).

        • Yep, my kids love the show but 3 school nights a week is too much so they haven’t kept up. Make this a once a week show which can be built into a routine. And preferably make the show more kid / family friendly. Some of the jokes aren’t really appropriate but lucky my kids are too young it goes over their heads. But in a few years if they start to catch on I’d be less comfortable with them watching it.

    • Agree that 3 nights per week, 90 min eps of Holey Moley is too much of a good thing. Loved the first ep but I’ve already tired of the program due to cramming so much of it into a short run.

  8. The Amazing Race might still be going in April if they keep having non-elimination legs (they just had 2 in a row) and adding new teams (they’re about to add their 2nd).

    • Yeah that seemed a bit suspect having two non elimination legs back to back when the idea of the salvage or disadvantage is to determine who goes home next episode, what was the point of all that if nobody went home twice in a row.
      Agree still be going in June at this rate of nobody leaving and new contestants arriving.

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