Home & Away, Amazing Race Straya top Tuesday entertainment.

Ratings: Viewing numbers may still be in summer mode, but Nine wins Tuesday.

Viewing numbers were still clinging to summer style last night but Home and Away was the top entertainment show at 553,000 metro viewers.

At 510,000 The Amazing Race Australia outplayed Holey Moley (469,000), 7:30 (467,000), Foreign Correspondent (368,000) and Great Continental Railways (215,000).

Later NCIS was 303,000 then The Good Doctor (284,000) and Australia Remastered (270,000).

The Australian Open averaged up to 464,000 with Ash Barty’s win over very quickly.

Nine network won Tuesday with 28.3% then Seven 27.0%, 10 20.3%, ABC 15.2% and SBS 9.2%.

Nine News was best for Nine at 870,000 / 866,000.

Seven News was #1 at 963,000 / 930,000. The Chase drew 503,000 / 301,000.

The Project pulled 442,000 / 261,000 for 10. 10 News First was 317,000 / 209,000. NCIS: LA was 198,000.

ABC News won its slot on 637,000. The Drum was 147,000 and Our Dementia Choir was 131,000.

On SBS it was 24 Hours in Emergency (183,000), SBS World News (148,000 / 132,000) and Cat Tales (103,000). Mastermind was 69,000.

NCIS also led multichannels at 182,000.

Sunrise: 256,000
Today: 198,000
News Breakfast: 113,000 / 69,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 9 February 2021

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  1. I work during the first half of prime time so usually watch via catch up. I’m currently watching Home and Away, The Good Doctor, The Resident and the tennis on FTA. Planning on catching up with Aftertaste and Australian Story.

  2. Stable numbers for The Amazing Race & Australian Open, but lower than expected. For Holey Moley, that’s a different story. Almost 50% of its audience has switched off within the week. Not a good look. I wouldn’t be surprised if it drops to 200K-300K lol

  3. Watched Ash demolish her opponent last night, watched a bit of the mens then at 9 watched The Good Doctor and The Resident. Both really good episodes last night.

  4. Rating numbers across the board for all channels are very average. With no MAFS thought the numbers for Seven and Ten would be higher. Must be a lot watching streaming TV .

    1. Outside of news, I haven’t watched a full episode of anything in the above ratings figures so far this year. Watching streaming is pure bliss! No adds, the shows start and stop on my time and the variety of things to watch is fantastic. There will be shows on FTA that i’ll watch during 2021, but i’ve noticed i’m watching FTA less and less each year. I think i’ve reached the point where if FTA wasn’t available to watch, I wouldn’t be all that concerned.

  5. I’m sure it will timeshift strongly, but that’s really disappointing numbers for what was a very important & emotional episode of ‘The Good Doctor.

    I just wish someone would have stopped peeling onions during it!

  6. I watched Ash demolish her opponent last night then switched to The Good Doctor and that was it. TGD was such a great episode last night too. It sucks it was so low 🙁

  7. Bad start to the tennis, the 3 hour “night” session on D1 and 2 last year managed each over 600k metro (with Barty and Kyrgios matches doing over 800k). This year, under 500k and matches only 600k.

    Yes one-sided contests and over quickly and yes not school holidays and yes only very early, but still, it’s a Grand Slam, it’s the Aus Open. Never would’ve seen this pre about 2010.

    I guess (and hope) 9Now digital is where all the audience and lost audience is then?

    1. I had to laugh was watching on GO as I’m in regional QLD and there was only 1-2 points to get before Ash won and they said switch to 9 to continue, lol I did and it was over in seconds 😅.

  8. Getting tired of Holey Moley, as the season progresses they go back to the original holes over and over. Ninja Warrior ensured their course moved on.

    And despite the bells and whistles it is largely like watching a suburban Putt Putt course. What alarms me most is the risk of life threatening injuries.

  9. Glad to see that despite early observations of low numbers for TARA, they have remined fairly consistent and are now beating the Golf show.
    I am watching TARA at my own pace and peril (if I see spoilers). While I enjoy it, I don’t like bingeing on three episodes 3 nights in a row. But happy for 10 and the show!

  10. The earlier part of the tennis with Ash Barty rated 646,000, well ahead of TARA and HM as would be expected. Interesting that 12 months ago, Australian Survivor rated 100,000 higher than TARA is rating and MKR and HM being about the same. MAFS was 1.1 million back then.

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