NCIS: Hawaii spin-off in the works

Another NCIS spinoff is in the pipeline, where filming restrictions are less challenging.

Another NCIS spinoff is in the pipeline, to be set in Hawaii.

Variety reports few plot details are available on NCIS: Hawaii, other than it will follow a team of Naval criminal investigators who operate on the Hawaiian islands. Notably, COVID-19 cases in Hawaii are also low, averaging 54 new cases per day.

Chris Silber, Jan Nash, and Matt Bosack are attached as writers and executive producers with Silber as the showrunner.

NCIS has so far spawned successful spin-offs with NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans.

CBS currently airs a reboot of Magnum P.I. in Hawaii and recently concluded Hawaii Five-O.

CBS declined to comment.

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  1. Hawaii is, of course, home to Pearl Harbor, the major US naval base in the Pacific-this makes a bit more sense than Los Angeles or New Orleans to set an NCIS show. However , you have to wonder just how many original plots there are left to tell after all the other series have used…

  2. Lenkov rebooted Hawaii-Five-O, MacGyver, and Magnum P.I. in the same universe with cross-overs. Hawaii-Five-O also did cross-overs with NCIS:LA in S2. This is not the strangest. Networks are trying to cope with peak TV and declining ad revenue. So reboots, cross-overs, bottle episodes and even clip shows are making comebacks.

  3. Well, there’s another show that channel 10 can add to its never ending schedule of CSI and NCIS every night. I wouldn’t think that the programmers down at Pyrmont are very busy. 10 has no hope of becoming a force in the ratings with all the same’s that they keep regurgitating. It wouldn’t be a surprise if TVSN was highest rating channel.

    1. I like the Bold offering. I can sit down and watch a show starting on time. Take a look a Netflix or Stan, lots of oldies on those streaming services trust me. If you have Fetch then Universal channel has all repeats of SVU, Monk, Law & Order, etc. Dont like 10s offerings then 7 has the racing channel you can watch.

  4. 54 cases a day is low in a population of 1.4 million? Somebody ought to send that memo over to the hysterical ninnies in this country who lock down and make ridiculous mandates over a single case. The Australian equivalent per capita would amount to around 1,300 cases daily (ours are currently in the single digits, the majority of which are from overseas arrivals; and we haven’t had a single death nationally in nearly 4 months).

    On the topic of NCIS, I am not surprised by the move, but what is surprising is that they’re opting to commission yet another cop show, which relies on frequent location changes and one-off guest actors in every episode. Now would be the perfect time to be commissioning more traditional sitcoms and animation, or perhaps even opting for some episodes (or sequences) of live-action dramas to be animated where filming would not be practical.

    1. The original should end when Mark Harmon leaves and he is close to 70 and has been doing the show for almost 20 years so it will probably be soonish and LA is getting old now. Makes sense to get some new spin-offs ready for when the original ends and LA gets too expensive.

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