New ACA studio ready for big year

A Current Affair began broadcasting from its new studio home at Nine North Sydney this week.

As these exclusive photos show, the studio is much larger than the space used since November, and is shared with the Today show.

ACA Executive Producer, Fiona Dear, told TV Tonight, “In our new North Sydney home in 2021, we have been fortunate to move A Current Affair into a modern, and more spacious studio.

“It comes with a versatile video wall that can house a variety of graphics and vision, even viewer polls, and front and centre is a custom made set enabling Tracy to chat with several guests both in-studio and via links.

“In the past, the smaller space wasn’t an issue, but in these new times we love how the larger space enables us to showcase Australia’s best interviewer.”

7pm Monday – Saturday on Nine.


  1. I actually do think Tracy is Australia’s top interviewer. I think the “gotcha” moments aggressive style that Leigh Sales strives for is outdated and doesn’t serve the public discourse. Tracy always seems informed and wants to get to the heart of the issue. Surprising her great interviews are sandwiched between dodgy tradesmen and “Best Washing Powder ” segments.

  2. The new studio is impressive like a glow-worm cave. I half expected to see some bats hanging down. I agree with Russell about the lighting, it’s sombre and funereal with a shiny dance floor. Surely wardrobe can add some colour to the presenter?
    Should a Politician stagger in with a proverbial knife in his back at least the blood spurts will be colour co-ordinated to the ACA logo.

  3. I don’t want this to come across as negative but is Tracy really “Australia’s best interviewer”? I would have thought someone like Leigh Sales or Hamish McDonald would be a contender for that.

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