Returning: Silent Witness

Season 23 of UK crime series premieres on ABC next Sunday.

Season 23 (yes, really) of Silent Witness premieres on ABC next Sunday.

This is a 10 part season which premiered in the UK in January 2020.

Dr Nikki Alexander and the team at the Lyell Centre must solve five more thrilling mysteries in this award-winning crime drama. A body in the concrete pillar of a car park. A downed plane. Scientific research gone wrong. The cases that end up at the Lyell Centre are rarely straightforward. Initial suspicions are challenged as the evidence mounts, and Nikki and the team must work harder than ever to find the truth.

Episode One. Deadhead – Part 1.
A private jet crashes into woodland outside London. Its passengers include the former US ambassador, Jonathan Kraft. Nikki calls her partner Matt from the crash scene to break the news – his friend and former colleague did not survive the accident. Matt is desperate for answers. When Thomas is called to an apparent suicide of a successful businessman, he finds unexpected connections to the plane crash. Are they dealing with a coordinated attack?

Sunday 14 February 9.30pm on ABC.

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  1. I could be wrong here, but aren’t we 12 months behind the Brits? I know we’ve not seen [spoilers] and no [more spoilers]. Either way, glad to see it back, although it will be weird it not being able to settle into it on a Friday night. That said, it should pair well with Harrow.

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