Super Bowl LV: Half Time Show

The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) has wowed crowds in his Halftime show at the Super Bowl LV today.

Adopting a Vega-meets-Starboy theme he performed The Hills, Can’t Feel My Face, I Feel It Coming, Save Your Tears, Earned It, and closed with Blinding Lights.

There was a choir, violinists, pyrotechnics and a mirror maze.

Reflecting the COVID environment his dancers were masked and in bandages, with The Weeknd note perfect throughout. Reports suggest he put $7 million of his own money on the table to stage the show.


  1. RightWingConservative

    I always mute the TV and use half time to make coffee or lunch. “The annoying singing” bit is of no interest to me at any sporting event. The game was very enjoyable although less competitive than I expected. Tom Brady is an incredible athlete. I watched via NFL Gamepass so I had the US commercials which didn’t seem to be up to their usual standard (understandable given production constraints), but some were very good.

  2. Couldn’t care less about the actual game so I only tuned in to see The Weeknd. The last song was the highlight as he took over the whole field, but what was wrong with the audio? No bass at all and just a bad mix.

  3. You’d think a group like The Weekend which i like, with enough good songs would put on a good show but for me that a very poor performance it looked majority lip synced. Cold Chisel at NRL is the benchmark

  4. It was such a basic and boring show. The flashy stage didn’t make up for the fact he had no stage presence whatsoever. It was over the top but had no substance. The NFL really needs to ban all men from performing at any future halftime shows. It’s just not worth it. They don’t know how.

  5. I thought the performance was ok. I did notice that 7 pulled out of the remainder of the telecast after the game to replay yet another episode of Holey Moley after playing repeats all weekend (or is that all Weeknd).

    • You won’t see them here in Australia ,head over to YouTube I’m sure they’ll have them , I watched it through KAYO and was aussie ads ,perhaps ESPN would have had them.

      • RightWingConservative

        ESPN also show Aussie ads. An NFL Gamepass subscription gets you the US network feed with US commercials, but only live, they edit the commercials out of the replay.

  6. I’m not a huge The Weekend fan, I’m a bit over Blinding Lights, but I absolutely loved the half time show this year. The choreography was spot one and the dancers on the field in those red suits all synchronised. If the AFL wants to copy the Superbowl, they have a long way to go.

      • battlestargalactica

        One key takeaway the AFL could manage is to note how 80% of the closeups of the artist are taken from cameras within 5-10 metres. This provides a much more intimate connection with the artist. The AFL continue to use match cameras way up in the grandstands to grab tight shots of performere. Even the NRL has worked this out, putting more cameras on the field around the stage and drawing viewers in. Those who say you can’t do a decent show in a stadium in the daytime need to check Katy Perry’s Cricket World Cup performance at the MCG last year.

  7. Brilliant. And if there’s one song that epitomises 2020 and the onset of the COViD environment, it’s the sensational Blinding Lights. What a knockout!

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