TV shows slip through Facebook net

Has Facebook lifted its ban on news in Australia?


But there are a few rare exceptions that appear to have been spared the shut down.

Over the weekend posts were published for The Project, Seven News and Sunrise.

Not so lucky are ABC News, Nine News, SBS News, 10 News or the Today show.

Also out of luck are 7:30, Four Corners, Insiders, Q+A, The Feed.

Strange algorithms at work….


  1. harrypotter1994

    The ones that I’ve seen to be working are 10 News Perth and GWN7 News. Plus Australian Story is back up and running. ABC Brisbane team commented on the Australian Story post hoping they were next.

  2. barrington bumbaclaart

    The Australian Story facebook page is back online, which is strange as they are run out of the news and current affairs department at the ABC

  3. Missing from the discussion so far, is the blocking of International Facebook pages. I’m not sure why, since they wouldn’t be subject to any payment requirements. While I don’t use Facebook very much the blocking seems very widespread, certainly Facebook pages, such as, The BBC, New York Post, etc. etc. are all blocked. Facebook blocks TVMaze … a TV show list/tracking site … not a “news” site.

    Facebook even blocks the Facebook page for “Mat and Savanna Shaw” who started producing singing video’s early in 2020 (they now have produce their own CD and are on all the music streaming services, etc.). Hardly a “news” Facebook site.

    • Blocking Australian News but not International News would be punished under this stupid law by the Government seizing 10% of Facebook’s gross revenue for itself. So all news and search has to go.

  4. Wow! TV Week’s Facebook has been impacted! Usually on a Monday morning the new issue’s front cover is posted. The back page of the current magazine says next edition on sale Monday March 1. Is there one out today or not?

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