US renews Holey Moley

Never mind Australia, the US wants two more seasons of hit mini-golf show.

It may have struggled in Australia but in the US Holey Moley remains a very big deal where ABC has renewed it the show for not one -but two- more seasons.

Produced by Australia’s Eureka Productions, with Unanimous Media, the mini golf contest has performed well as summer fare (it airs for an hour a week), increasing ratings.

“It certainly has had a lot of chatter, its ratings are up [last] year,” ABC exec Rob Mills said. “Holey Moley has been one of our breakouts.”

ABC also increased the run for the second season from 10 to 13 episodes. Seven produced 11 episodes + 2 specials.

In the US version Rob Riggle is joined by Joe Tessitore, correspondent Jeannie Mai and resident golf pro Stephen Curry.

Creator Chris Culvenor is executive producer alongside Paul Franklin, Wes Dening, Charles Wachter, Michael O’Sullivan, Kate Shelbourn, Jeron Smith, Erick Peyton and Stephen Curry.

The show also received 4 nominations at the American Realty Television Awards last week. Eureka received a total 10 nominations, the most of any production company in the world, outside of Universal Studio.

Seven’s Celebrity / Junior editions screen next Sunday and Monday, respectively.

Source: Deadline

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  1. It was fun and yeah i’ve watched every episode (some on replay on the weekends when they air) but it got very repetitive and too much. I think Seven if they renew it for season 2 and who knows, ratings are lower across the board these days, they need to change the way they show it. Networks need to change this stripped reality mentality because not all shows work like that. Once a week would be fine, even if it was 90 minutes. Thats all it needs.

  2. I agree with most people here. I watched every episode and liked it but was done by the end. 3 nights a week is too much, once a week will be great. People need to lighten up..its 1 hour of harmless fun..much better than the nastiness of MAFS.

  3. In my opinion golf does not make interesting tv. The people on the show are actual golfers and they arent that interesting as people. Maybe the show would be improved with an all australian cast. the american guy doesnt fit the show well.
    So basically too silly and shallow to be taken seriously the american humour doesnt translate well sometimes and awful commentary team.

        1. I think the numbers would have been higher once a week as 7pm Sunday yes (depends what you mean by massive hit). But we are all smarter programmers in hindsight. Networks do like to stretch their production dollar but there is also a covid factor …not much could be made late last year in readiness for January.

  4. It’s not a bad show, it’s just been milked to death by 7. Agree with those below, once a week, one hour, and they’ll be on a winner. If they haven’t already killed it, that is!

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