WA pledges $100m studio, $20m production fund.

WA’s McGown Government has pledged a $100m new studio and sound stage in Fremantle’s Victoria Quay and a new $20 million Production Attraction Fund, if it wins the state election.

A state-of-the-art studio, digital and post-production complex is set to vastly lift the state’s prospects for screen production. Screen investment in Western Australia hit over $51 million in 2019-20, doubling the size of the Western Australian Screen Industry over the past three years.

John Driscoll, Board Chair of Screenwest said, “Screenwest has long been advocating for additional government support for Production Attraction and for the development of a studio in WA and we welcome today’s commitment. This is a game changer and gives WA a competitive edge nationally and internationally to attract incoming productions while ensuring our local homegrown stories don’t leave the state.”

Screenwest recently released a Strategic Plan, with the set target of increasing production investment to $150 million in Western Australia annually by 2024.

The WA state election is set for March 13.

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  1. This has been tried many times over the decades, but never sustains itself-too few features and TV made here and much less so in recent years-the distance factor never ever goes away and all the major cities in Australia are pretty similar in terms of age, location and layout-can double for each other with a few stock long shots thrown in.

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