60 Minutes: Mar 7

60 Minutes will delve into the Melissa Caddick story plus Australian women signing up to make money from OnlyFans.

The Money Trail
The macabre discovery of Melissa Caddick’s decomposed foot on a beach 400 kilometres from where she was last seen in Sydney has done little to quieten speculation about the accused 49-year-old con-woman. Despite forensic examination confirming the body part is hers, some people continue to believe she is still alive and living a life of luxury, financed by the estimated $25 million she is alleged to have fleeced from hapless investors. Reporter Tom Steinfort has been investigating Caddick’s disappearance since soon after she went missing in November last year. On 60 Minutes he reveals startling new evidence gathered after following the extensive money trail. It’s information that is sure to provide another major twist in this already intriguing case.
Reporter: Tom Steinfort
Producers: Tracey Hannaford, Alex Bernhardt

Risque Business
Posting highly provocative, often explicit photos and videos of yourself on the internet for the pleasure of thousands, and sometimes millions of anonymous oglers, is not most people’s idea of a smart thing to do. So why then are so many young Australian women signing up to show off on X-rated social media sites like OnlyFans? Well they say it’s an easy way to a fast fortune. They also claim they’re not being exploited because they control what they reveal, and what it costs. With so much skin in the game, these women are setting themselves up for life. But as Sarah Abo reports, being risqué is not entirely risk-free.
Reporter: Sarah Abo
Producers: Laura Sparkes, Sammi Taylor

8:40pm Sunday on Nine.


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