Airdate: Fight for Space

Why haven’t we gone back to the Moon in over 45 years? Why hasn’t NASA yet sent humans to Mars?

Documentary streamer iwonder this week launched Fight for Space, a feature length documentary asking timely and important questions about NASA’s ambitions and ability to send manned missions beyond Earth’s low orbit for the first time since 1972.

iwonder CEO, James Bridges, says of the film: “With the eyes of the world currently on NASA’s most ambitious mission to Mars to date, it’s easy to assume that walking on the surface ourselves is a natural and inevitable next step. However, what this important and probing film shows, is that without a clear plan for the future, commitment to space exploration and the money to make it happen, the dream of stepping foot on Mars could remain a far-flung fantasy for decades to come.”

As NASA’s Perseverance Rover takes its first tentative spin on the surface of Mars in the most technologically advanced survey of the Red Planet to date, the idea of Man soon setting foot on the surface of our neighbouring planet may feel tantalisingly close.

However, as Fight for Space reveals, declining budgets at NASA and a more timid policy towards space exploration by the US Government since Man first stepped foot on the moon in 1969, has left many experts wondering if a manned mission to Mars is really on the horizon.

Through a series of interviews with astronauts, politicians, scientists, former NASA officials, commercial space entrepreneurs and more, Fight for Space asks why haven’t we gone back to the Moon in over 45 years, why hasn’t NASA yet sent humans to Mars, and what challenges have stopped us from achieving ambitious goals in space when technology is advancing so quickly on the ground?

Featuring restored film footage from the National Archives and years of historical research, Fight For Space explains the economic and cultural benefits of human space exploration as well as the events that have led to the decline of NASA’s budget since 1968, and its struggle to follow through on past achievements.

Now screening on iwonder.

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  1. NASA is in competition with Eon Musk’s Spacex moon program, Eon has a very ambitious 2023-24 aspiration to have his Starship spacecraft ready in time for a dearMoon project.
    To date Eon’s Starship project has achieved one successful landing before blowing up several minutes later.

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