Airdate: The Royal Fallout

10 has another primetime special following the Harry & Meghan interview this week.

The Royal Fallout will screen at 9:30pm Thursday on 10 following Gogglebox.

Sarah Harris will host.

In a week that has rocked the Royal Family like never before, we look beyond the headlines to untangle the real story and global reaction after Meghan and Harry’s explosive interview.


  1. I’m a little surprised that they didn’t push Gogglebox back. This could have rated its socks off and benefited Gogglebox as well. I could be mistaken, but didn’t they air an episode at 10.10pm at one point last year?

  2. Seriously this is a story that has had too much air time already.
    Frankly they chose to leave an institution and it seems like avoiding the lime light isn’t working.
    Media are loving and over saturating this. It is sensational media at its worst, in my opinion!
    I’m not disputing the couples opinion, just think there are ways to deal with it and airing dirty laundry isn’t one of them.

  3. Couch Critic

    Yawn. But if they insist on this hollow mess, I don’t know why they’d bury it at 9.30 on one of the quietest nights of the week. Gogglebox doesn’t rate for 10 quite like it used to.

    • It also has a poor lead in and grows on its previous show, also no need for TV to end at 9:30pm. New programming is welcomed across all timeslots as long as it’s the right program. A filler news program at 9:30 (will become 9:45/50 for sure) is fine, a new Aussie drama at 9:30 is not ideal.

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