Airdate: The Wonder Gang

New ABC Kids series loves answering questions for kids about Australian animals & nature.

New factual series The Wonder Gang debuts on ABC Kids next week.

Created and developed by the ABC Children’s Department it is underpinned by Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics principles to ignite the imaginations of preschoolers on Australia’s animals and natural wonders.

The program introduces the powerful art of investigating facts; how to ask a question, where to look for answers, how to filter right and wrong answers and knowing when you have arrived at the solution.

The story development process of The Wonder Gang encompassed comprehensive consultation with a range of scientific and early childhood specialists.

“The scriptwriting team were tasked with distilling complex scientific concepts into age­ appropriate language for pre-schoolers,” says Series Producer Natalie Robinson-Hurst.

“We explore topics as varied as echolocation, pollination and species evolution.”

Willow (Chenelle Carr), Whyla (Mischa Heywood) and Wes (Tristian Ayres) are The Wonder Gang. They’re a determined team of fact-finding kids who will do whatever it takes to answer any question about Australia’s amazing animals and nature. With the help of their cute quokka pals Quidget, Quinton and Quest, they research, observe and experiment in their library and laboratory to find facts for kids everywhere. Half Page Synopsis Ever wondered why a kangaroo has a pouch? Or whether baby echidnas are born with spikes? Or why koalas are so sleepy? The Wonder Gang will find the answer! Fact-finding friends Willow, Whyla and Wes run Wonder HQ, a question mark-shaped building brimming with glowing fact files. The trio are assisted on their fact-finding adventures by their inquisitive Quokka pals – Quidget, Quinton and Quest. The Wonder Gang are determined to answer every kid’s question about Australian animals and nature, to keep curiosity and wonder alive! Luckily, each member of The Wonder Gang brings their own unique talents and perspectives to the process of finding facts. Every episode follows a new mission to answer an incoming question from their ‘wonder friends’, using their powers of observation, experimentation and analysis. Though they absolutely Love finding facts, it is never as simple as it seems. But their flexibility and persistence always help them find a way to answer every question. Above all, The Wonder Gang celebrates the joy of asking questions and discovering answers through determination, deduction, and teamwork.

The Wonder Gang inspires pre-school audiences to feel empowered and motivated by child-led investigation. The characters demonstrate – with equal parts humour and enthusiasm – the skills required for inquiry-based, hands-on learning: problem solving, hypothesising and action research. The ABC’s commitment to diversity, inclusion and representation saw the producers of The Wonder Gang collaborate closely with a team of disability consultants in the development of the quokka character, Quest.

As the outdoor explorer of the team, Quest is a role model for physical accessibility and a positive representation of children with disability. The voice of Quest is performed child disability advocate Emily Prior.

The Wonder Gang is an ABC Original. Series Producer Natalie Robinson-Hurst. Story Producer Michael Drake. Director Karin Fitzhardinge. Executive Producer Jan Stradling.

Monday 15th March at 7.40am on ABC KIDS.

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