Amazing Grace wins slot, The Cube drops in second outing.

Wednesday was another winning night for Nine, importantly as it launched a new local drama.

Married at First Sight was again #1 at 932,000, up on last Wednesday.

Interest in politics saw 7:30 at 607,000 then Hard Quiz (579,000), Billy Connolly: It’s Been a Pleasure (433,000) and The Cube at 351,000 – down considerably on its 567,000 launch.

Nine’s new Amazing Grace launched to 504,000 winning its slot, ahead of The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (459,000),  The Pembrokeshire Murders (319,000 / 255,000) and Aftertaste (258,000).

Nine network won Wednesday with 32.0% then Seven 26.9%, 10 17.9%, ABC 16.9% and SBS 7.0%.

Nine News drew 824,000 / 815,000 while ACA again led its slot at 686,000. Hot Seat pulled 377,000 / 226,000. New Amsterdam was 180,000.

Seven News also won its slot at 906,000 / 900,000. Home and Away (525,000) and The Chase (460,000 / 290,000) followed.

ABC News was 685,000. The Drum was 191,000, while Adam Hills: The Last Leg managed 106,000 then Why Are You Like This (93,000).

The Project pulled 403,000 / 259,000 for 10. 10 News First was 308,000 / 198,000 then Bull repeats soft at 184,000 / 159,000.

On SBS it was Britain’s Most Historic Towns (178,000), Michael Palin: Travels Of A Lifetime (169,000), SBS World News (143,000 / 133,000), the last ever Vikings (103,000) and Mastermind (59,000).

Bluey still led multichannels even at 159,000.

Sunrise: 255,000
News Breakfast: 118,000 / 79,000
Today: 186,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 3 March 2021


  1. > while Adam Hills: The Last Leg managed 106,000

    With the caveat that it screens earlier on Tuesday night on 22 / Plus / whatever it’s called this week

  2. The Cube reminds me of Slide Show. Well produced, but the will wear off quite dramatically. There is too much other stuff worth watching.

  3. I could told you that Amazing Grace would win the timeslot . It’s a new show and people would be curious about it . However I can’t stand [Edit: Kate Jenkinson] and her acting . She’s bad in Wentworth and she hasn’t improved .

  4. I only watched Amazing Grace to see Alex Dimitriades who wasn’t in the episode. Agree with the review on this site that the soundtrack was quite out of place. I definitely don’t think I am the demographic for this show, so most likely will not return.

    • I actually thought of your comment when I saw the numbers ! Seems to me that the TV powers that be should pay more attention to the comments posted on here. A lot of knowledgeable people.

  5. Pembrokeshire and Amazing Grace were both very good, watched AG on broadcast and then caught-up on Pem on 7Plus (didn’t realise two eps had already aired though?) Top work by producers on both. I’d had Pembroke recommended to me beforehand also.

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