Fargo season 5 “will happen”

Writer Noah Hawley is confident of a 5th anthology season in the future.

Writer Noah Hawley has commented on the likelihood of a 5th season for the US anthology, Fargo.

In conversation for the South by Southwest film festival, he said, “It will happen, but I’m not in a place where I’m writing on that yet, but I’m definitely excited to do one on some level.

“I have to store up ten hours of what there is to say, so I have my notepad and keep writings things down.”

“I’ll get to it in the next year,” said Hawley on writing a 5th season.

Season 4, which screened last year on SBS, was set in Kansas City 1950, following the rivalry between two criminal families, headed by Chris Rock & Jason Schwartzman.

Source: Deadline

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    1. I feel the same way. Seasons 1-3 were excellent but I’m a bit fatigued by stories about warring families/crime syndicates. I was so excited when I learned Chris Rock was starring in it too but I found the whole thing a big letdown.

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