Footage reveals Denise Drysdale fall

A Holey Moley ‘mystery’ was solved last night when cameras captured Denise Drysdale’s tumble on the course at Thornlands, south-east of Brisbane, last October.

The veteran performer was competing against Olympic skater Stephen Bradbury on a hole which saw both getting electric shocks whenever they missed a hole, courtesy of a ‘gopher’ assistant ‘controlling the zaps.’

When Drysdale received her shock she looked genuinely, umm, shocked and decided to give the Gopher a taste of his own medicine.

With that she tripped on the astroturf (the ground is deliberately uneven for mini-golf purposes). It was also 3:30 in the morning.

“I’ve done my shoulder,” she said adding, “That hurt like hell” (it isn’t clear if she was referring to the fall or the electric shock).

Like a trouper she asked, “Where do we go from here?” referring to salvaging the segment.

As she withdrew from the contest it ironically turned into another ‘Bradbury’ moment for her competitor.

Drysdale has undergone 3 months of recuperation after suffering a fractured shoulder.

Seven’s Andrew Backwell recently confirmed Holey Moley had been subject to other accidents on set.

“I think there were a few injuries along the way. Not many, but when you see it, the obstacles are quite big. So yes, there were a few injuries on the way but nothing out of the ordinary compared to the US show. Obviously there’s also a bunch of safety officers.

He added, “I wouldn’t do some of those obstacles. No way!”


  1. Watching her getting electrocuted (?!) made me uncomfortable enough, but seeing her tumble like that got my heart racing (even with the knowledge of her recovery). Too many elderly people have died while they were in otherwise good health after taking an unfortunate tumble. I can’t bear to see them in pain. Long live Ding Dong!

  2. It was all a bit of a let down. She was doing as she was asked to do – ham it up and be entertaining. Tripping over your own feet can (and does) happen every day on the street or in your home. The buzz when it happened in real time implied a hugely serious injury caused by the show’s negligence, but in reality, just the opposite.

    • Exactly, I blamed the show originally when the news broke but now see it was all from her own actions, chasing the gopher didn’t even make sense as if he was going to zap himself!

    • themanfromoz

      Totally disagree. There is a rise that she tripped over (power or other cabling that needed to be covered).
      Also, a total professional to the end. Even though injured she kept her mind of the job and some of the quips were brilliant.

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