Logie Awards pushed back to late November

November 28 will be almost 2.5 yrs in between ceremonies -and not everyone is happy with the date.

The 62nd TV Week Logie Awards have been pushed out to Sunday, November 28 at The Star Gold Coast -nearly 2.5 years after Tom Gleeson won Gold.

Last year’s event was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with 2021 shifting from mid year to the end of the year.

TV Week Editor Amber Giles says, “TV Week is thrilled to have landed on a date we know we can deliver a spectacular show on.

“After spending way too much time on the couch in stretchy pants over the past 12 months, it’s important to us and our partners that we come together at a time when we can all frock up and be in the same room.

“We can’t wait to head back to The Star Gold Coast to celebrate and honour the best in Australian TV in the style for which we’re famous.

“On November 28, we look forward to seeing on the red carpet all those who have kept us entertained and informed during trying times.”

Managing Director Nine Queensland & Nine Northern NSW, Kylie Blucher, says, “We look forward to welcoming back the TV Week Logie Awards to the Gold Coast in what will be a huge celebration of the Australian television industry’s resilience through some very challenging times.”

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says, “We’ve made Queensland the home of the Logies and I look forward to welcoming back the television industry for a week of events that we’ve worked with organisers to build around the awards night.”

But the date has not pleased everyone with The Australian reporting frustration over the date when networks are starting holidays.

A letter from publishers Are Media pleads with networks for support to secure further funding from the Queensland Government as a four year deal draws to a close.

“This is the last year of the current deal with Tourism and Events Queensland. Discussions have commenced in regards to future years, therefore it is vital that the 2021 event is bigger, better and more successful than ever for the benefit of future years. We would greatly appreciate as much support and talent attendance as possible from you in order to achieve this,” it stated.

Tourism Events Queensland also offers networks $1000 for each TV personality they bring to the Logies, up to a cap of $75,000.

But one network executive told The Australian: “We love the Logies but we simply can’t do it at that time of year. There needs to be some compromise here. That’s all we’re asking for. But it seems to be going ahead on that day regardless.”

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  1. Well this sucks. My friend & I always watch the Logies together but she is going to be in WA in November. We had assumed it would be in June/July like it usually is. It seems to be getting later & later. It used to be in April then moved to May then was pushed back to June/July. Now November.

  2. Late November for the Logies? Now that is later than expected. So how long is the eligibility of the cast and shows now? May 1 2019 until maybe late August 2021?

    I wonder how the voting system will be this time around? I know they had changed it for the 2020 ceremony that didnt happen. I hope it reverts back to the public vote for the popular awards.

  3. Imagine the uproar if they let it go for another year. Given today’s snap lockdown in Qld waiting until end of the year makes absolute sense. Finding a date for these sorts of things is always hard. Ten have the Grand Prix the weekend before. Nine have loads of Rugby on Sunday’s to consider and manage crews for and no doubt the venue is fully booked in back half of year. Good on them for committing to a date to get together and celebrate. Seven can’t continue their petulant ‘it only gives Nine the ratings points’ palava if no one gets the points! Nice chance for talent to grab some end of year sun too and networks to start pumping up their 2022 slates!

  4. Mid year is not the right time to hold them either. It’s confusing when calendar years overlap. Closer to end of year is good, but voting starts months earlier to excludes some shows from that calendar year. I still think vote during November or December after ratings finish so all programs for year are viewed…hold ceremony in March.

  5. Can understand the industry being unhappy, however for viewers and fans I think it’s a good date to slot it in, might even be the highest rating program that week for Nine (even if ratings year is over).

  6. The fact it’s outside the ratings to me shows they really don’t care about them. It’s a weird choice honestly. I was expecting them around July before the Olympics or August perhaps but yeah to push them that late? Its odd.

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