Mandy Patinkin joins The Good Fight

Mandy Patinkin joins Season 5 as a series regular.

Mandy Patinkin has joined Season 5 of The Good Fight.

He will play Hal Wackner, a layman with no legal training who spontaneously decides to open a court in the back of a copy shop. Against all odds, the court catches on, and the team at Reddick, Boseman & Lockhart find themselves contending with judgments that mean nothing legally, but are honored by much of the entertained public.

“We are the biggest fans of Mandy’s stage, screen, and now YouTube work, so we couldn’t be more excited for him to play Wackner,” said co-creators, showrunners and executive producers Robert and Michelle King. “We only worry that he’ll have less time to do his fantastic work on YouTube.”

The Good Fight airs in Australia on SBS.

Source: The Wrap

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