News bulletins lift, MAFS hits new season high.

Ratings: Interest in NSW floods took news bulletins to over 1m viewers, but MAFS still led the night.

Interest in NSW floods saw news bulletins lift their viewing numbers last night.

Seven News won the 6pm slot at 1.08m followed by Nine News (1.05m).

Married at First Sight hit another season high last night, topping the list at 1.12m metro viewers, just up on last Sunday’s 1.1m.

Sunday AFL helped boost Seven’s primetime audience with Ivan Milat: Buried Secrets at 502,000 then The Amazing Race Australia (493,000,) and Grand Designs: NZ (438,000).

Later 60 Minutes (589,000) bettered Harrow (401,000), movie: The Equalizer 2 (281,000) and Silent Witness (261,000).

Nine network won Sunday with 34.7% then Seven 26.3%, 10 15.8%, ABC 15.2% and SBS 8.0%.

A Nine News late edition was 356,000.

The Sunday Project pulled 435,000 / 285,000 for 10. 10 News First was 322,000 / 253,000 and FBI: Most Wanted (177,000 / 88,000).

ABC News (654,000) was best for ABC. A Compass replay was 157,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (187,000 / 111,000), Inside The Orient Express (171,000) and Railways Of The Western Front (142,000).

Bluey led multichannels at 201,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 21 March 2021

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  1. I was at my Mum’s house on Saturday night and watched 7News Perth with her. So not necessary to have an hours worth of news. The majority felt like filler to me and there were so many ads.

    As for Amazing Race Australia, I’m so glad I read David’s article on rule changes and decided not to watch. Sounds like I’m missing nothing.

  2. Amazing Race’s non-elimination legs were probably as a result of adding Tassie, although the show’s becoming a bit boring. Next season, 10 could keep First Class Pass if they reduce it to only two or three times a season; penalise teams with roadblocks on non-elimination legs without the passes.

    1. Good idea re the roadblocks, have the last two teams have to do it rather than one team getting an advantage and one team a disadvantage as just lead this season to one team copping all the disadvantages each time as the others seemingly ganged up on them.

  3. Nine seem unstoppable on Sunday nights for some years now, that much promoted 7pm reality show and then into 60 Minutes. Even the late Nine News seems to have added viewers / share.

    Seven would’ve been happy at least with day time and 6pm, their news which already dominates and even more in regional areas combined with AFL lead-in meant some big numbers, let alone NSW floods coverage which was ideal.

  4. So, like, Seven deemed it necessary to rush a “The Latest” into an 8:30pm slot to report on an Oprah interview that was on another network, comprising of dubious talking heads in London, some of which were caught in the ‘comment on a show you have to pretend you’ve seen’ prank, yet, while a State of Natural Disaster is declared in NSW – not a word. At least Nine kept us informed, with NBN and Gavin Morris, together with ABC24.

  5. Exactly right, absolutely pointless having a u turn on a non elimination leg. The whole purpose of introducing a U turn is to knock one of the teams out of the race. I was surprised Chris and Alisha just didn’t take the penalty in the end to avoid eating all the eggs once they knew they were in last place because they wouldn’t have been made to sit out the penalty at the start of the next leg anyway, yet another flaw in this Aussie version.

    1. The Amazing Race has become The Amazing Farce with people joining the “race” midway, and the ridiculousness of last night’s episode. Been following the old US seasons on 7X weekend afternoons. A shame 10 and the production company have destroyed the Australian version.

  6. The producers/Channel 10 really need to take a look at themselves in the mirror after last nights Amazing Race. What was the point of the episode? U-turn, last place in the final four should be elimination, what is the point of the non-elimination rounds in the finals! Absolutely ridiculous. No wonder nobody is watching it anymore.

  7. I know complaints about Amazing Race are sounding like a broken record but geesh last night was a waste if time. Fancy having a U Turn on yet another non elimination round and they don’t even get a penalty for running last. So very annoying ughhh

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