Report: SKY News out of WIN’s regional markets

WIN's deal with Nine is bad news for SKY viewers in regional markets.

SKY News looks set to exit regional markets where it has screened through WIN TV, following an affiliate deal with Nine.

Nine’s deal with WIN takes effect from July.

Guardian Australia reports that will bring to an end SKY programming on WIN across Tasmania, regional Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland and southern NSW.

SKY News has not responded to enquiries.

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    1. Nothing to do with Nine. It’s a WIN issue. As the Guardian piece says, WIN will be carrying “channels 9, 9GO!, 9GEM and 9Life into the regional markets, displacing Sky because it has no room”. There’s no way all of the regionals can carry all of the channels into all of their markets. The revenue would go nowhere near meeting the additional costs.

    1. Sky were only giving away some of their content. They seemed to view it as a teaser for their various pay TV channels. Most of the evening opinion lineup was on the free to air channel, but outside that, well over 50% of the day on weekdays and almost all of the weekend was a mishmash of Fox Sports News, Sky Weather, and the occasional random Sky News hour.

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