Returning: Ambulance (UK)

New episodes of UK factual return to 10.

New episodes of UK factual Ambulance return to 10 this evening.

It screens at 7:30pm followed by a repeat at 8:40pm.

Cameras follow the London Ambulance Service as they care for the nine million people of the city. Amid stabbings, overdoses, accidents and heart attacks, dispatcher Mandy reflects on losing her son.

Personally, I don’t really get the appeal of an emergency factual as Saturday night entertainment, even if it is well made.

But hey I’m not a network programmer. 10 has had this sitting in Saturdays since its debut in 2018 -I guess nobody can accuse them of chopping and changing slots all the time….

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  1. I occasionally tune in but I think it’s very poor form that they cannot state in the EPG that this is Ambulance UK as opposed to just Ambulance or is this done on purpose to lure unsuspecting viewers thinking it’s Ambulance Australia ,I mean hey it could be Ambulance Chaser’s for all I know ,rant over.

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