Returning: Australia in Colour

Season Two of Australia in Colour begins on SBS next week.

Hugo Weaving narrates this repackaging of archival social history by Stranger Than Fiction Films.

Australia In Colour is the history of Australia told via a unique collection of cinematic moments brought to life for the first time in stunning colour. It tells the story of how Australia came to be the nation it is today. Narrated by Hugo Weaving, it’s a reflection on our nation’s character, its attitudes, its politics, and its struggle to value its Indigenous and multicultural past, this series gives us a chance to relive history from a fresh perspective.

Episode One: Family
Soon after Federation, the family unit is buffeted by world conflicts, poverty and disease, but then new attitudes sweep in. Workplace laws are less restrictive on women, spouses no longer have to give a reason to divorce, and the contraceptive pill arrives, all of which leads to a loosening of rigid gender roles.

8:30pm Wednesday March 10 on SBS.

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