Returning: Bosch

Season 6 will have its Free to Air broadcast this week.

Heads up Bosch fans, Season 6 will have its Free to Air broadcast this week but set your PVR a late night debut.

Three episodes will screen from 1:15am Friday morning (Thursday night) April 2nd.

Nearly a year has passed and Bosch, still grinding on the Daisy Clayton murder case, gets called to the Lake 1 Hollywood Overlook to investigate the murder of medical physicist Stanley Kent. Edgar runs a sting on his dirty cops, Maddie starts a new internship, and Chief Irvin Irving jumpstarts his mayoral campaign.

Two more will screen at 12:4am Friday (Thursday night) April 8th.

This season has already been on SBS on Demand last May. A seventh and final season is yet to screen in the US, with a spin-off recently announced.

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  1. I watch mostly streaming these days…on iview and On Demand….I go to both frequently….so I keep up to date with what is on….but I did not realise this had not already been on TV…I might watch again…I am usually up late.

  2. Bosch fans wont be disappointed by this final season, though it was surprising to see Titus Welliver (Bosch) appearing in a bit role in Disney+ series The Mandalorian, I guess he must be a Star Wars fan.

    1. SBS streamed S6 last year to maximise advertising revenue, now they are burning off the FTA rights before they expire. SBS reneggotiated their rights after Amazon posted S5 during SBS’s exclusive period.

      SBS are increasingly buying streaming for many shows e.g. Cardinal, The Pier, the Bureau, the last 2 season of Spiral. Sometimes they have FTA rights to show them later, sometimes they don’t.

    2. SBS usually sends out emails for popular shows but agree that this year some new releases were released without prior publicity, perhaps the SBS is following Netfix practice for streaming.

    3. Another example of very odd SBS scheduling for ‘new to FTA’ is Mr Mercedes – listed in my EPG to start at 2:25 am Sat. Apr. 3rd with non-sequential episodes (the pilot followed by season 2, ep. 1).

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