Returning: Married to Medicine

S8 of US reality series explores how the pandemic has dramatically impacted on cast.

US reality series Married to Medicine is back for its eighth season next week, fast-tracked to FOX Arena.

This year it explores how the pandemic has dramatically impacted on its cast.

The ladies of “Married to Medicine” face unprecedented times as their lives are turned upside down along with the rest of the world when the pandemic hits. With some of the ladies working on the frontlines, while also getting involved in important social justice movements, they are still dealing with all of the drama and shade in their personal circle. Will they all get along? Dr. Jackie is carrying the world on her shoulders as she is working on the frontlines while also finishing the massive renovation on her dream home, venturing to open her own surrogacy clinic. Dr. Heavenly’s dental practice continues to grow and is busier than ever. Heavenly is laughing all of the nay-sayers away while she is doing big things with her husband, Dr. Damon as he launches his mobile covid-testing enterprise. Dr. Simone is a soon to be empty nester along with Cecil and continues to work tirelessly. Always the peacemaker, will her other ladies’ drama pull her down into the gully? Dr. Contessa is embracing family life while trying to find a balance in her marriage with Dr. Scott as they work together to open a clinic. Toya and Dr. Eugene have settled into their new home with the kids, and are loving it. Toya is the “Queen of the Cul de Sac,” and she is also adding a new title to her name as a tennis superstar. Anila is Toya’s bestie and the newest member to this close knit crew. She is making her mark with her fun and light-hearted personality, but don’t take her kindness for weakness. She is living the fabulous life as a fashion blogger along with her ocular surgeon husband, Dr. Kiran Sajja and two kids. Miss Quad is finally reclaiming her life after her divorce and she’s renewing some friendships, while cutting others off…completely.

Tuesday March 9 at 1.30pm on FOX Arena (rpt 8:30pm)

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