The Living Room: Mar 26

It's a classic caravanning and camping trip when The Living Room returns for its 10th season.

The Living Room returns for 2021 this Friday and hits the road on a classic caravanning and camping trip.

We meet The Pethers and their 40-year-old caravan, Peachy, who’s in desperate need of some TLC. An easy task for our fab four, who are keen to get this family en route to their next family holiday in years.

Plus Chris and Amanda go head-to-head in a 4WD caravan reverse-off; Barry builds the ultimate camping companion, a portable DIY Hammock stand; Miguel whips up a Mexican family feast all while cooking outdoors; and Chris pitches a tent on Queensland’s glorious Fraser Island.

7:30pm Friday on 10.

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  1. Why are 10 persisting with the Queer Eye rip off. Is there a clause in the contract with WTFN that excludes the use of the old format? I have gone from a ‘must watch’ to ‘can’t be bothered’ viewer.

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