UK complaints on Piers Morgan reach all-time high

Over 57,000 Brits complained to regulator about breakfast television comments made by former host.

Although he doesn’t screen in Australia, no doubt most readers are familiar with the now-infamous TV walk-off by Britain’s Piers Morgan (destined to be known as “doing a Piers”).

The UK media regulator Ofcom, which began in 2003, has confirmed that 57,121 complaints lodged over his Meghan Markle on Good Morning Britain is the highest number of complaints it has ever received.

That puts it above an episode of Celebrity Big Brother when some 44,500 complained in 2007, when Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty was targeted by Jade Goody and Danielle Lloyd.

Morgan, who left ITV in a huff, hit back in typical style over social media.

Meanwhile in the USA CBS yanked The Talk off air for a week while it is investigating complaints surrounding Sharon Osbourne, who defended Morgan but also made an apology.

The Talk airs in Australia on 10.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I don’t get it, Morgan has a history of saying offensive things, yet they still watch, then complain when he says things.
    Its a bit like people complaining that twitter is boring now that trump was kicked off.

  2. Hard to see what he said that caused such offence. Seems more like a referendum on him and everything potentially offensive he’s said in the past.
    Spend a while on Youtube watching clips of Piers and even a radical leftie like myself has to admit he really isn’t particularly offensive. He just provides what is often a decent conservative argument but in a rude and obnoxious manner.

  3. TV owners who pretend they are politically correct are so not because they love everybody but because they don’t want to offend people who buy products advertised on their TV stations.

  4. He’s free to say what he likes, but likewise, others are free to disagree with him and if necessary, make their disagreement heard. That’s all that’s happening here. It just turns out a lot of people disagreed with him here.

  5. I find Morgan’s style a bit obnoxious, even when I agree with his opinions and only then in short bursts on YouTube. I have fairly strong negative opinions about much of the Oprah show after watching it from start to finish. Virtually all the comments on fb on the uk newspaper websites are very negative towards the couple and the quality of the interview. Still Jonathan Pie has just published a great rant about freedom of speech a being offended and he is a leftie. interesting times..

    1. The part that upset a lot of people was he said he didn’t believe the things Meghan had said about having suicidal thoughts. I think it sets a dangerous example to people who could be watching, who have severe mental health issues and could be suicidal, to hear someone so casually dismiss someone saying this as just lying. It could make people not seek help by speaking up, for fear of being dismissed or accused of lying themselves. This isn’t just having an opinion, it’s potentially putting people’s lives at risk.

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