Vintage Tracy Grimshaw interview. Seven wins Thursday.

Ratings: Grilling of the PM undoubtedly threw Tracy Grimshaw's hat into the ring for another Walkley Award.

“I’m wondering if instead of quotas and actively discriminating in favour of women, perhaps you’d be better off discriminating against Neanderthal men like the so-called, big swinging di**s club, that Julie Bishop said stood in her way,” Tracy Grimshaw asked Scott Morrison last night.

Grimshaw’s grilling of a PM under fire reminded us why she is one of the best interviewers in the country.

Where have you been?” Grimshaw asked of allegations surrounding Parliament House and Brittany Higgins.

“You are not on an island, or maybe you are in a bubble. You must know, you have a wife, you have daughters, you have referenced them several times. How did you not know the depth of it?”

A Current Affair only screened in 4 cities on Nine’s primary channel, so its 458,000 metro viewers doesn’t reflect the gripping television on display -but it doubtless threw her hat into the Walkley Awards ring for 2021.

Gogglebox was the top entertainment show at 509,000 viewers.

7:30 won its slot at 548,000 viewers then Back Roads (428,000), Territory Cops (310,000), Bondi Rescue (308,000).

Later Q+A drew 237,000 then Law & Order: SVU (215,000), The Diagnosis Detectives (167,000) and Kurt Fearnley’s One Plus One (162,000).

Seven’s AFL drew up to 522,000 metro viewers ahead of Nine’s NRL at 358,000 / 52,000 across the network.

Seven network won Thursday with 31.1% then Nine 25.8%, 10 19.4%, ABC 16.2% and SBS 7.6%.

Seven News was #1 at 869,000 / 832,000 for Seven then The Chase (456,000 / 251,000) and Home & Away at 294,000 in 3 cities.

Nine News was best for Nine at 839,000 / 809,000. Hot Seat pulled 356,000 / 215,000. Mega Zoo was 158,000 in 3 cities.

The Project drew 367,000 / 247,000 for 10. 10 News First was 290,000 / 197,000.  

ABC News was 616,000 for ABC. Sammy J managed 321,000 then The Drum (182,000).

On SBS it was SBS World News (150,000 / 124,000), The World’s Busiest Stations (101,000), Mastermind (68,000) and Shadowplay (58,000).

The Morning Show: 121,000 / 59,000
Today Extra: 96,000 / 64,000
Studio 10: 40,000 /

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 25 March 2021

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  1. Im a huge tracey fan and do believe she is one of our best interviewers but i really thought this intrview was not one of her best. I thought she was biased and the topic clouded her judgement and i thought she was a bit smug. I dont think scomo did very well btw but tracey has been better.

  2. I used to really like Tracey Grimshaw, but I think ever since the 2019 election, she has become extremely rude and condescending towards those on the right and as such, I don’t like her anymore and I don’t watch ACA anymore!

  3. David, could you just this once please what are the Ratings for daytime programming?

    11:30am – Nine News vs Seven News
    12pm – Ellen vs Seven Movie vs Dr Phil
    3pm – Tipping Point vs The Chase UK vs Judge Judy/Farm to Fork
    4pm – Nine News vs Seven News vs Good Chef Bad Chef/Bold & the Beautiful

    Please, thanks David..!

  4. I thought it was a good interview from Tracey. She was respectful while still asking the important squirmy questions.

    I like that ScoMo didn’t dance around any of the questions asked and also didn’t raise his voice at all.

    1. He also didn’t answer anything that she asked but continued to talk over her, condescend her and avoid any of the points she raised, while smugly grinning through it all.

      Absolute 10 out of 10 for Tracy, 0 out of 10 for the PM.

  5. It was a cracker of an interview. Shame that the Prime Minister failed to rise to the occasion. A missed opportunity with a smug, patronising performance from him. So out of touch with where women are coming from on these issues.

  6. 7:30 featured much of the ACA interview. ACA aired on GEM in Brisbane. Strange that that figure would not be added as, after all, it is the same program at the same local time. Sydney shows 26,000 for AFL, which was actually on 7mate. Or is that the figure for Peter Rabbit which was on 7 Sydney? Sydney figures are “Seven Network” whereas Nine figures are simply “Nine”.

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