“We look at Shark Tank every six months”

Exclusive: "We do think about it," says Beverley McGarvey, but "it's actually incredibly complex."

EXCLUSIVE: 10 has not ruled out a return to Shark Tank, but cites the complexity of its business side as a key consideration.

TV Tonight recently raised the question with Beverley McGarvey, Chief Content Officer & EVP, ViacomCBS Australia & NZ when the BBC upgraded equivalent show Dragon’s Den to its main channel after 17 seasons.

“We look at Shark Tank every six months. Absolutely. We do think about it,” she confirmed.

After all if there’s one show conducive to social distancing shoots it’s this one, while the pandemic has undoubtedly triggered a new wave of business ideas.

“That’s absolutely true,” she agreed, adding. “It’s a very particular show to produce. It requires a lot of diligence on the business side, because they’re real businesses. We’ve got a lot of obligations (around) how the businesses work. So it’s not a simple show.

“It looks quite simple in its format. But it’s actually incredibly complex. So we do look at it often. I would never say ‘never’ about that.”

She added, “I’d say everybody looks at it” which hints that the Endemol Shine rights could be on the open market.

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  1. A quote from Dragon’s Den UK : ” The pandemic has driven a lot of people to look for different sources of investment, particularly digital businesses. The quality of the pitches has really gone up a level this year, it really hit me how good they were. It’s been a pretty tough time being in lockdown, but it has given people more time to think and reflect.” Also 42 per cent more women appearing and entrepreneurs from a BAME background up by a third.

  2. How is it Ten’s responsibility to bear the weight of the “obligations” to the businesses taking part ?
    Surely this would be covered off by Shine Endemol – they take this responsibility and deliver a show ready for broadcast ? Sounds like more double speak from Bev.

    1. Pretty certain they haven’t destroyed taras format. It was a difficult season to produce with boarder closures and the pandemic. I enjoyed the season aside from the intruders entering but it was great otherwise getting to see parts of AU that I haven’t seen which was somewhat the point.
      I hope they bring back shark tank one day.

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