60 Minutes: April 11

60 Minutes is teasing a big story on Sunday from reporter Nick McKenzie.

60 Minutes is teasing a big story on Sunday from reporter Nick McKenzie.

A Major Investigation
In a major joint investigation with The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, 60 Minutes will expose the most damning, dark and dirty secrets that will send shockwaves throughout Australia.
Reporter: Nick McKenzie
Producer: Joel Tozer

License to Kill
John Edwards is a man who was given license to kill, so found an inquest this week, investigating the horrific slaying two years ago of teenagers Jack and Jenny, at the hand of their father, John, who then killed himself. In the face of a long history of domestic violence, lax gun controls, police failings and a rigid court system created the perfect storm for an unthinkable crime …but still we’re confounded by how this could have happened.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Thea Dikeos and Naomi Shivaraman

His Highness Prince Philip
In his 99 years, it’s hard to guess how many people his Royal Highness met; how many hands he shook; how many events he attended. Far easier to count the number of television interviews he granted. Barely any – and for Australian TV, even fewer. He did, however, give one to 60 Minutes. It was 40 years ago, and the reporter was Ray Martin, who’ll never forget his encounter with the no-nonsense Duke.
Reporter: Ray Martin
Producer: Amelia Ballinger
8:30pm Sunday on Nine.


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