60 Minutes: April 18

This Sunday on 60 Minutes, Tom Steinfort reports on domestic violence and Liam Bartlett interviews a fake German heiress who fooled New York society.

Of Menace & Men
It is shameful that in Australia in 2021, some men still don’t get it. They think they can treat women any way they want. Joel Beinke is a classic example, accused of bad behaviour from violence to intimidation by more than 20 women all over the country. At last count there were nearly a dozen different domestic violence orders against him, not that he seems to care one iota. For three months, 60 Minutes has been tracking Beinke’s movements around Australia and speaking to victims who say their lives have been destroyed by this menace. Worryingly, Tom Steinfort’s investigation also highlights how broken the system has become, and how powerless the law is to stop serial offenders like Beinke walking the streets.
Reporter: Tom Steinfort
Producer: Amelia Ballinger

Faking It
The audacity of Sydney con woman Melissa Caddick was as breathtaking as it was calculated and cruel. She swindled more than $20 million from her family and friends before disappearing. Caddick is now presumed dead, but to understand why people like her think they can get away with their crimes, Anna Sorokin provides many of the answers. In an elaborate scam, this 30-year-old woman convinced New York’s rich and famous she was a German heiress about to inherit a US$60 million fortune, and then used her lies to live the high life on their money. She copped three years in prison for her fraud, but as Liam Bartlett found out in an extraordinary interview, the enigmatic Sorokin is totally unrepentant. She boldly believes there’s nothing wrong with making it by faking it.
Reporter: Liam Bartlett
Producer: Tracey Hannaford

9pm Sunday on Nine

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