7:30: Climate Change Emergency

All this week 7:30 will screen segments devoted to Climate Change from reporter Andy Park.

All this week 7:30 will screen segments devoted to “Climate Change Emergency” from reporter Andy Park.

Even though the vast majority of Australians accept the science, for years, meaningful action to address climate change has been abandoned or delayed.

But the climate threat hasn’t gone away. In fact, climate change is accelerating faster than previously thought.

The scientific consensus suggests the world has about 10 years to prevent some of the worst impacts from occurring.

Australia is already feeling the effects and in our far north, rising sea levels are likely to make some low-lying islands uninhabitable within decades if global temperatures keep rising at the current rate.

Join 7.30 this week from the front lines of climate change here and abroad as they look at the constructive suggestions for the way forward.

Monday – Thursday 7:30pm on ABC.

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  1. … while it’s important that the ABC keeps covering issues like this, to use the word “emergency” in the title makes them sound a tad tabloid … and as for the “vast majority of Australians”, today’s release of the Resolve Political Monitor shows only 11% nominated climate change as an influence compared to 26% who thought that the economy was more important …

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