Airdate: Hindenburg: The New Evidence

Tonight SBS screens the history documentary, Hindenburg: The New Evidence, produced for PBS.

Hindenburg: The New Evidence features a present- day active investigation into why the Hindenburg crashed. The team will utilise scientific tests in addition to an analysis of newly discovered 8mm film to prove what really happened. In a film restoration lab outside Washington, watch as the recently uncovered footage as it is viewed, evaluated for authenticity and broadcast for the first time. Travel with investigators to Friedrichshafen, Germany. Visit the Zeppelin Museum. Meet with historians and archivists who explain how the Hindenburg was constructed, what its skin was made of, how it was attached to the frame, and what kind of mooring rope was used.

7:30pm Sunday on SBS

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  1. Many younger people probably wouldn’t be aware of it these days-a lot of air disasters in the subsequent 85 odd years-it’s been a long time since the George C Scott ’70s film was last on TV for example, unlike Titanic related stuff-I shall be interested in how this goes, ratings wise.

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