Airdate: Law & Order: Organized Crime

Great news for fans with the return of Christopher Meloni to screen in sequential order -even with 2 networks involved.

Bloody hell… it’s almost as if networks are working in tandem for the benefit of fans.

Next week Nine will premiere Law & Order: Organized Crime the latest spin-off from the L&O franchise, which stars Christopher Meloni back as Elliot Stabler. The show features a “single-arc” storyline which will take multiple episodes to resolve.

It begins at 9pm Monday night on Nine.

And in very good news for fans tonight 10 screens an SVU episode “Return Of The Prodigal Son” which sees the return of Meloni. That means fans can watch this play out in the order in which they occurred in the USA, despite two Australian networks involved. A minor miracle as far as programming goes.

The squad rallies around Det. Stabler to find the suspect behind a threat to his family.

9:30pm tonight on 10.

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  1. Been stuck in hospital three times a week for 5 hours and am thoroughly sick of Cube and Masterchef ads in every break on 10 aligned channels.

    Watched (and loved) Organised Crime but felt I had missed a joining episode – maybe the SVU one someone mentioned.

  2. Now if only 9 would do the same with the Chicago franchise. They totally skipped the episode which was part of the crossover with Fire & PD last year. I thought I could watch it on 9Now but they had just re-numbered all the episodes. It was episode 4 Infection part 2. They had episode 4 but it was not that episode. They are repeating them from season 1 on Gem. I am hoping when they get to season 4 they will show episode 4. It is flabbergasting they would just skip an episode for no reason especially when it is part of a crossover with 2 other shows.

    1. Hopefully they do. Not nice that they’re covering it up by renumbering the episodes too. Doesn’t surprise me though. Do the other shows air on 9? If they don’t that could be why.

      To be honest I was expecting Ch10 to skip this SVU episode if they didn’t pick up OC. They’ve edited out crossovers with Chicago PD from episodes before. Then with FBI Most Wanted they skipped an episode which crossed over with FBI since they don’t air them at the same time. But oddly I think when they aired FBI they still aired the FBI half.

    1. Seven originally had the exclusive first run rights to Chicago Fire, but then sold them to Foxtel. And Nine has the exclusive first run rights of Chicago Med.

      When programming stripped repeats of shows on cable, secondary channels or daytime slots networks don’t bother about such things. They just by 22 or 100+ episodes and run them till the run out, then start again from the beginning until their rights expire.

  3. But have ten even advertised the return of Stabler, which is a major event in the shows history. I haven’t seen it. Also I had no idea the spinoff show was going to nine. Is that a first with the L&O franchise?

      1. Does 10 advertise any of their US shows anymore? I tape most things but I can’t say I ever seen advertisements as I fast forward, it is just a quick thing showing X show airs on 10. Could be a regional thing but can’t say when I was living in a metro area that I’ve seen an advertisement for a while. It is always only Aussie shows.

        Then this change would’ve been recent as earlier in the week the guide was saying episode 8 was airing still. Now the guide says episode 8 for next week. I doubt they would’ve had the time to advertise it as a major event.

    1. If Ten has a deal to distribute L&O shows in Australia. If Ten doesn’t want to pay for them and use them, then they are obligated to sell them to whomever wants them and pass the require share of the fees on to NBC/Universal. If Ten’s distribution rights have expired then NBC/Universal can sell them to anyone it wants.

      Given that L&O from various franchises have been kicking around for upto 30 years, the more interesting question would be who hasn’t shown any of them.

  4. Oh wow, that’s really good. Especially with L&O:OC not having all the best reviews from its first episode from what I saw. Nice that the channels have seemed to talk with each other & are playing the episodes in order. It does mean that SVU will air out of order as we haven’t seen episode 8 yet (that was originally scheduled to air tonight). So quite clear to me that the channels have communicated & done something nice 🙂

    1. Networks don’t generally cooperate or bother about cross-overs with shows on other networks. Either CBS on sold L&O:OC (an NBC show) to Nine, or passed on it and let Nine buy it. Nine being the only network with cash to burn.

      Nine probably demanded that #22.9 be aired or sold to them before agreeing to buy it. CBS put on #2.9 a week early without promotion, and have put on double episodes of old Stadler and Benson episodes on Bold to make what they can from this.

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