Airdate: The Crimson Rivers

2018 French drama series The Crimson Rivers gets its Free to Air debut next week.

This is based on the 2000 feature and best-selling novel, and has previously screened at SBS on Demand.

Police detective Pierre Niemans and his former student, Camille Delaunay, solve unusually brutal murder cases that the police are unable to understand.

Episode One: The Last Hunt (Part 1)
A count is found cruelly murdered during a hunt. Investigations by Niemans, Camille, and their German colleague Kleinert show that the murder was carried out in the style of a stalking hunt.
Episode Two: The Last Hunt (Part 2)
Niemans, Camille, and Kleinert uncover a deep family secret in their investigation – one that places remaining members in danger.

Double episode 8:30pm Wednesday April 14 on SBS.

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