Airdate: What The Hell Happens Next?

Next Monday Kate Langbroek narrates a second 10 special, What The Hell Happens Next? where 20 celebrities will discuss news to entertainment, lifestyle and tech.

Will there be a COVID-19 baby boom and/or will divorce rates skyrocket? Could no international travel actually be a good thing?

Our What The Hell Happens Next? line-up includes Urzila Carlson, Harley Breen, Becky Lucas, Michael Hing, Beau Ryan, Jess Eva, Nazeem Hussain, Julia Morris, Waleed Aly, Susan Carland, Eddie Perfect, Myf Warhurst, Joel Creasey, Julie Bishop, Narelda Jacobs, Daniel Doody, Andy Allen, Bianca Chatfield, Jordan Nguyen and Adam Spencer.

What The Hell Happens Next? is made for Network 10 by Lune Media.

7:30pm Monday on 10.

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  1. I loved the first episode of this! In terms of a baby boom, I was talking to a doctor over the weekend, and he says he can already see the COVID boom in action at his work over the last few weeks

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