Auditions: Australia’s Got Talent

Casting is now underway for Australia’s Got Talent, set to screen on Seven later this year.

“Do you have a talent you need to show the world? Something that needs to be seen to be believed?” a casting notice asks.

“We are searching for the most astounding and spectacular acts from around the nation, on a scale never before seen…..No one is too old or too young to have a crack..”

Seven previously announced a Challengers & Champions seasons with Ricki-Lee Coulter (host), Manu Feildel, Shane Jacobson, Sonia Kruger and Olympia Valance as judges -but Kruger was later out due to other network roles.

So far in 2021 Ricki-Lee has been confirmed as host.

You can apply here.


  1. One should be asking Does Australia have Talent and I agree this is no longer relevant today and of course there’s Manu again 🤔😤.

    • 25 million so I don’t see why we keep going back to this question… go to any theatre audition, for example, and it’s an embarrassment of riches. Both AGT and The Voice have always managed to stump up some great discoveries, and lockdown has probably seen people expand new skills. That said AGT did also draw upon some internationals. Manu was confirmed for 2020, but not yet 21 and schedules may clash.

      • That may be so david but look at the long game ,most who’ve won haven’t been heard of since ,very few have hit the riches ,is there talent yes I guess there is but does it have longevity or is it all a flash in the pan for average tv ratings.

        • AGT has a few discoveries over its life, Bonnie Anderson, Mark Vincent, Cosentino, Justice Crew, Jack Vidgen, Taylor Henderson etc. The Voice seems to struggle on that front, not just here but overseas too. They are definitely designed as television entertainment. Artist management is a different question.

          • I agree with that ,alot of singers come and go from doing covers and aren’t really geared for longevity ,if one has multiple talents now that can be a real bonus ,thanks DK.

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