Craig Campbell quits The Project

Exclusive: Executive Producer departs 10 news show and moves to new role at Roving Enterprises.

EXCLUSIVE: Craig Campbell has quit as executive producer of The Project after 11 years at the helm.

He has been on leave since February due to rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain, but today sent a note to staff.

“Since I have been away, I have been trying to find a reasonable balance between my work and my health, something that a bunch of health professionals have pointed out I don’t have,” he wrote.

“As I get older (I turned 60 two weeks ago) I have been thinking how I can structure my life in a way that will enable me to still do what I love (make TV) but maintain my health (less stress).

“So… it is with a great deal of pride that I would like to announce that Chris Bendall will become the Executive Producer of the Project.

“Chris has been with the company for over 9 years and is the most qualified human I could possibly think of for the job. I am delighted he has agreed to take the reins to enable me the time to develop other ideas and projects, free of the grind of a daily show.

“You are in an exceptionally safe pair of hands.”

Campbell created the show for 10 in 2009, after the network constantly struggled with the timeslot, steering the show as executive producer for over a decade.

In that time The Project has become one of the most important features of the 10 schedule, winning Gold Logies for presenters, breaking news stories and most importantly, delivering demographic viewers to the primetime schedule.

He will now move to a new role,  Head of Television at Roving Enterprises.

Beverley McGarvey, Chief Content Officer and Executive Vice President, ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand said: “Craig Campbell is one of the most versatile, creative, dedicated and passionate people I have had the pleasure of working with.

“Since the beginning, The Project has supported and created public debate, educated and entertained and helped lead many important conversations which have encouraged profound and necessary change.

“I would like to thank Craig for his many contributions and wish him the very best as he embarks on his new role of Head of Television at Roving, which will afford him the time to develop new ideas and projects. I for one, can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

“I am delighted that Chris Bendall has accepted the role of Executive Producer of The Project.

“Chris has been with the show for more than nine years and has been an integral senior member of the production team. His dedication, experience and editorial instinct is outstanding.

“It’s this skillset, combined with Chris’ strong leadership skills that will ensure we continue to deliver news differently, as only The Project can.”

Campbell said,  “As for my stress levels, it means I won’t be tied to the office with the day-to-day hustle of putting the show to air, I will have time to think, reflect and help the Project keep its edge, and have the headspace to look at the broadcast landscape and see what else Roving can do.”

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  1. No doubt Craig has contributed greatly to the show over a long time but it does need a refresh. Can’t help but feel it could be so much better. It has become very predicable and opinionated by giving a voice to presenters. Watched an old recording recently (per Covid with audience). It was entertaining and had a great vibe/chemistry with a quality 4th panelist. It has lost this. Carrie and Pete make this show. When they are not on it is quite ordinary. Fill in hosts are just boring and not funny even though they think they are. The show is full of opinions, bias with an agenda. It feels like every night it is a mix of climate crisis, anti-men, Pro women and Government bagging. Sure these are important issues but do they need to be every 2nd night. Clearly the producers can’t think of any other topics. Interviews are with people who agree with the agenda. Give us balance and not bias…

  2. i like Waleed, Carrie, Lisa, Pete, Tommy, Gorgi, PVO but some of the extras turn me off. Bring back Gretel, Fifi. The show has become too stretched and light. The good bits are good but the other 40 minutes are fluff.

      1. Totally agree – love them all apart from Claire Hooper and Jan Fran – its very awkward when they tell their usually not funny joke and the panel have to awkwardly laugh! Used to love Lehmo and Mishel Laurie too on friday nights. Tommy’s jokes are getting childish and cringy. Love Susie and Rachel also!

  3. I dont feel this is so bad. The Project needs some new life. This should rate a lot better for 10. 4 presenters is one to many in my view. The show gets clunky and misjointed. Covid made it worse.

  4. Sad to watch this devolve into Studio 10: Nights.

    Makes for a great drinking game though.
    Take a shot every time:

    Carrie tears up.
    Lisa gatekeeps assault.
    Claire Hooper (“Maaaaat Daaaaaamonn”) offers cutting-edge Trump jokes/drops a fully-sick Grinspoon reference then stares blankly into the camera waiting for “Panel Laughs Now” to scroll up on the prompter. (seriously, it’s like staring into the void)
    POS doesn’t get called out for his actions defending his dodgy government besties.
    A segment centred on the very best Youtube clips a Facebook Mums group can offer.

    Blotto by Masterchef.

  5. What a fantastic job Craig has done to bring The Project to us.
    To have a show on a commercial channel that brings stories usually only found on the ABC and SBS, last night’s Tourette’s camp for example, is something important and worthwhile.

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