Eurovision 2021: Will Australia qualify?

Never mind the bookies, how much will our 'Live on Tape' entry affect Australia's chances in Rotterdam?

Malta and France will battle it out for Eurovision honours this year according to current bookmakers odds.

But Australia would not qualify for the Final if the bookies prove correct. That would be a first.

Montaigne is due to appear in Semi Final 1 with her song Technicolour, performing ‘Live on Tape’ after SBS announced the Australian delegation would not travel to Rotterdam.

Semi Final 1 is a killer battle of 16 acts, including many of this year’s favourites, for 10 places in the Final.

The bookies suggest Australia has just a 35% chance of qualifying, with Ireland, North Macedonia and Slovenia trailing. Israel and Belgium could be two other countries who miss glory from Semi Final 1.

But Eurovision is also subject to many unknowns, including staging, how well the act performs on the day, and where they are placed in the Final -Montaigne performs #5th following popular Sweden.

What is unknown about Australia’s ‘Live on Tape’ entry is whether it will  go against us in the voting -or make us more memorable when it comes to votes. Fingers crossed it’s a fab performance!

Switzerland, Italy, Bulgaria -and Sweden- are also popular with bookies.

SBS screens Eurovision from 19 to 23 May.

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  1. Our song is very controversial I think you either rate it or hate it (I Iike it). But the stage I think could potentially be very chaotic if not done well.

    Being live-on-tape though even if the stage and performance is good I don’t think will help us so I’m not that confident about qualifying… but you never know and of course I hope we do!!

  2. I agree with them. The song is a terrible choice but Europe does like strange however to make matters worse to not send her there (yes i know covid and health is most important) it makes it even harder i think. Let’s face it, compared to Eurovision set, Australia doesn’t have the best budget in the world either. I wish her well i do but last years song was much better. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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