US to revive Don’t Forget the Lyrics

Another music game show gets a revival in the US.

FOX is rebooting singing game show Don’t Forget the Lyrics stateside.

The show was originally hosted by Wayne Brady from 2007 to 2009 and screened in Australia on 10 during summer.

Much like Name That Tune (recently revived by ABC and shot in Sydney), The Singing Bee and Richard Wilkins’ short-lived Keynotes (!), contestants vied for prize money by identifying music tracks for cash prizes.

In a 2007 review, TV Tonight noted :

More game show than spelling bee it offers US$1m in a ladder of rising scale dollar prizes. Contestants are offered ten musical genre categories each with alternative songs. Once they choose a song a band strikes up and they follow karaoke lyrics until correctly singing the last, vacant lyric phrase. As with Millionaire if they don’t like their answer they can choose three lifeline assists. It’s hosted by Wayne Brady, from Whose Line is it Anyway, who even uses the old Millionaire trick of not revealing answers until, “right after the break.”

An Australian version was rumoured but never eventuated.

The new US version will be hosted by comedian Niecy Nash.

Source: Variety

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