Young Talent Time to mark 50th Anniversary

April 24 will mark 50 years since Young Talent Time first launched on Australian TV with names such as Jamie Redfern, Debbie Byrne, Phillip Gould, Jane Scali, Rod Kirkham and Vikki Broughton.

It would run on 10 until 1988 with famed faces including Tina Arena, Karen Knowles, Dannii Minogue, John Bowles, Sally Boyden, Joey Perrone, Beven Addinsall, Mark Stevens, Vince Del Tito, Steven Zammit, Greg Mills and Katie Van Ree (later revived with host Rob Mills).

To mark the 50th Anniversary a special show will be staged at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival in June with Karen Knowles, Jane Scali, Phillip Gould, Derek Redfern and Johnny Young as host.

TV Tonight understands a TV special was explored by two networks but is not proceeding however a subscription special is to be filmed later this month.

More details will be announced by the YTT team shortly.

Photo: Nostalgia Central


  1. What are Channel 10 doing? Can’t believe they passed on the opportunity to broadcast the 50 year special. Heard an interview with Greg Poynton on ABC radio yesterday and so many listeners were calling in with memories of the show. Yes, the revival show a few years ago failed but I think Ten have underestimated people’s memory and love of the team from the original show. Would have been ratings gold for them. Well I’ll happily pay to watch the special online then and looking forward to seeing it 🙂

    • I expect they will cover it in Project & Studio 10, which is less cost for them. Maybe the “one off” overrode the investment required. But sometimes you also have to do things that are brand defining.

  2. Crazy the networks passed, I remember the 30 year special did some solid numbers when it aired, so much so there were a couple of replays

    • That’s exactly what we are doing – airing 1 May via, getting almost 30 of the old team back together, some are performing. Should be a great show

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