“You’ve got to treat it like it’s a dinner party”

It was acclaimed director Peter Faiman who gave Adam Hills the hosting gold for Spicks & Specks.

It was acclaimed director Peter Faiman (The Don Lane Show, The Paul Hogan Show, Crocodile Dundee) who Adam Hills credits as giving him the magic on hosting ABC music show Spicks & Specks.

“Peter Faiman came on board in the very early days who of course had directed everyone from Don Lane to Graham Kennedy to Paul Hogan,” says Hills.

“He basically said to me, ‘You’ve got to treat it like it’s a dinner party.

“The camera is the guest who has just arrived who doesn’t know anyone else at the dinner party. Your job is to introduce them, explain what’s going on and if at any point you think they haven’t caught up with the conversation it’s your job to bring them up to speed.'”

This Sunday, Adam, Myf and Alan find out all about Synesthesia, what Amyl and the Sniffers said to Agro, whether Tom Ballard can tap dance and what Dee Snyder and Denise Scott’s love child would look like.

Hills is also hoping to resume comedy touring this year.

“I’m hoping that I can tour Australia either later this year or next year. But this year, I’ve got another two series of The Last Leg as well as the Paralympics if they still go ahead. With travel restrictions that might mean being in the UK for the last six months of the year and not seeing my wife and kids at all. So I’m trying to just find that balance at the moment,” he continued.

“I wasn’t allowed to leave the UK unless I had work in Australia because you can’t leave for any other reason. So I had to put work in the diary so that I could leave the UK. I’ll be honest, the rest of the year is kind of in the balance.

“I’m hoping I can get back to the UK and get the jab to change things. I’m also writing a children’s book and that’s what kept me going through the quarantine, so at some point I’ve got to finish that too.”

7:40pm Sunday on ABC.

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